Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: Understanding Lead Time

Four to eight weeks can be a long time to wait, we get that. Comparing custom, handmade tiles to stocked, ready-to-go tiles are like comparing homemade, freshly baked cookies to store bought. They’re worth the wait.

We’re here to give you a breakdown on what factors in to the lead-time of your order.


For starters, when we give you an estimated lead-time, that is the general time it takes orders from the factory to be completed. That time is not always guaranteed, it can change depending on a factory’s current production flow. If you’re looking to get your tiles before a deadline, let us know and we can check on a factory’s current production time for a more accurate time estimate. 

Your lead time can also depend on the product and size of the project. Mosaics and hand painted pieces tend to take a bit longer than field tiles, having more steps and considerations that take place before delivering the final product. All tiles receive careful attention to details and craftsmanship, to make sure you receive the highest quality tiles.


Once your tiles have finished their final inspection, they’re packed up and ready to ship! Ship time is not included in the factory’s lead-time, but we can usually give you a good idea of how long it will take depending on what factory and state they’re coming from. When we receive word that your tiles are ready, we’ll shoot you an email or phone call to give you an idea of when they'll be ready for pick up in our showroom. As soon as the tiles are in the shop you’ll be receiving an email or call to let you know. If you’d prefer to have them shipped to your home, let us know so when ordering so we can take that in to account.


We know it’s hard to wait, we’re excited to see your tiles too! Hold tight, good things come to those who wait.